Integration with Sentry

Connect your Sentry account with our platform using either Public Integration or User Authentication Token to enable seamless data syncing. Follow the steps below to generate the token and set the appropriate permissions:

Option 1: Public Integration (Preferred):

Option 2: User Auth Token

1. Generate User Authentication Token

  • In Sentry, click on your avatar in the bottom-left corner to access User Settings.

  • In the sidebar of your User Settings, select "User auth tokens" from the list of options.

  • Click on the "Create New Token" button on the top-right corner of the section.

2. Configure Token Permissions and Scopes

  • When creating a new token, you will be prompted to select the appropriate scopes that determine what access the token grants. For our integration, please select the following scopes:

    • Project: Read

    • Team: Read

    • Release: Admin

    • Issue & Event: Read & Write

    • Organization: Read

    • Member: Read

3. Complete the Integration

  • After selecting the required scopes, proceed to create the token by clicking the "Create Token" button.

  • Paste the copied token into the designated field on Cased connections page for the Sentry integration.

By completing this setup, you provide our platform with limited, mostly read-only access to relevant Sentry data, ensuring customized insights and maintaining stringent security standards.

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