Integration with PagerDuty

To use PagerDuty, we just need a single API key, which is easy to create.

  • Log in to PagerDuty and click through the Integrations -> API Keys, or directly visit <https://your-org>

  • Create a new API key and enter the key in Cased's PagerDuty connections setup page.

Do NOT select a read only api key. The API key should have write permissions so that we can create the event webhook, which is explained in the section below.

Event Webhooks

Once you save your api key, we automatically create an incoming webhook to our system so that we can handle real time events.

The webhook is entirely managed by Cased. You can checkout the webhook details following these steps:

  • Log into you pagerduty dashboard

  • Go into Integrations -> Generic Webhooks (v3)

  • You will see a Subcription to You can then access the details.

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