Integration with Datadog

To connect to Datadog, you will need to generate both an API key and an application key.

  1. Generate an API key

  • Log in to your Datadog account.

  • Navigate to the API Keys section under Integrations > APIs or visit Datadog API Settings.

  • Click the 'Create API key' button and give it a name.

  • Copy the generated API key; you will need it to configure the connection in Cased.

  1. Generate an app key:

  • In the same API Keys section, scroll down to the Application Keys.

  • Click the 'Create Application Key' button.

  • Provide a name for the application key and select the desired user.

  • Copy the generated Application key; you will need it as well.

  1. Optional: scopes for the API key

  • Optionally, you can set API key scopes in Datadog that limit the key's abilities.

  • Somewhat confusingly, these scopes don't grant new permissions, but rather restrict default ones. That is, when a key is created, it begins with all scopes unless you add scopes.

  • We recommend not scoping the metrics so Cased can do its best and get the most data for you. For example, leave these (and all others) unchecked:

  1. Save the keys to Cased

  • Please enter both the API key and the application key in the appropriate fields in our app to complete the connection to Datadog.

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