Get started

Cased is AI built for teams monitoring, orchestrating, and running software.

Getting started is eassy

  1. Connect to Slack

  2. Add a few connections

  3. Start talking to Cased in your chatroom

Cased is a copilot for DevOps

From visualizing important data to remembering your IP ranges, Cased can do a lot:

  • Get any stat in seconds

  • Visualize data

  • Connect data across tools

  • Analyze data from multiple sources

We use the latest AI models to make working with Cased feel natural.

  • Ask for what you want in plain English. You don't need to learn a new language or syntax to get the most out of Cased.

  • Built for the tools you're already using. We integrate with the most popular developer tools in minutes.

  • Cased learns about your infrastructure and what's important to your team to anticipate what you need.

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