User management

This is an overview of how to manage user access to Cased.

Cased offers a variety of user management controls. If you'd like additional access controls please email us at [email protected].

Email and password authentication

Cased offers standard email and password authentication. The first user to create an organization will be assigned an admin role, allowing them to invite other users to the organization. User access and roles can be managed from the user settings page.

SAML based single sign on

Our startup, business, and enterprise plans offer SAML based single sign on. If enabled, an identity provider, e.g. Okta, can be configured here.

Google Suite OAuth

You can control access to Cased using Google GSuite OAuth if your company uses Google as its identity provider.

User roles and access controls

Cased offers role based access to data and capabilities. By default there are three roles:

  • Admin. Best for company administrators.
  • Developer. Best for developers or people primarily using the Cased API. Access to data for the developer role will need to be explicitly granted by an admin.
  • User. Best for people who need to view Cased data, but don't need to make any updates. Access to data for the user role will need to be explicitly granted by an admin.

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