Learn about the Workflow API which powers Cased.


Please reach out to Cased with any questions—we're excited to help as we continue to improve our public Workflows API. Contact us.

Cased's Workflow API allows you to programmatically create approval workflows and then submit events to those workflows. The API uses JSON for data, and REST-style routes.

A workflow is defined by a name and a set of controls, which define the workflow's approval logic.

Additionally, a workflow can include matcher conditions, which can control whether a specific workflow is activated based on the data in the event itself. For example, you may want an approval workflow to activate only if an event is sent from a particular group of users, or at a particular time, or any other arbitrary condition.

You can access our API directly, or you can use our Terraform provider — making it easy to apply configuration-as-code principles in the development and maintenance of your workflows.


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