Configure an app

Customize the settings for your applications on a per-application basis.

Application settings

There are different settings you can apply on a per-application basis.

These settings can be accessed from the Settings tab on each application's Guard

  • Reason required
    A reason must be provided before the application can be invoked. (default: yes)

  • Block new sessions if Cased can't be reached
    If Cased can't be reached due to network errors, then deny session requests until the network error is resolved. (default: yes)

  • Session request timeout (in minutes)
    If a session hasn't been approved before this timeout is reached, it must be requested again.

  • Custom waiting message
    Message shown to the person requesting access in their shell while waiting for approval.

  • Peer approvals
    Require approval (via Slack) for access.

  • Allow self-approval
    A user can approve their own session request via Slack. (default: yes)

  • Session approval duration (in minutes)
    If a user already has an active, approved session for this application, any additional sessions will be automatically approved within this time window.

Running cased sync

If you update Block new sessions if Cased can't be reached, you'll want to make sure to run:

cased sync

to update the client. The other settings changes do not need this.

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