What is Cased?

Cased is the DevOps terminal for teams.

Cased makes it easier for developers to work in production. Cased Shell, the DevOps terminal for teams, enables users to open a production shell from a browser, collaborate in shared sessions, and brings the confidence of code review to any command––without the hassle of SSH keys. Learn more about Cased and how we enhance your organization's visibility, collaboration, productivity, and developer experience.

Know what's happening in your organization

  • Provision access using your team’s identity provider. Simplify access management by linking Cased Shell usage to a real identity provider and stop wondering who’s really running commands as root.

  • Add peer approval workflows to sensitive operations. Add code review like checks to sensitive operations to catch mistakes ahead of time and to understand why sensitive data is being accessed.

  • Securely record, share, or monitor live sessions to help with troubleshooting. See what commands were run and by whom to help with troubleshooting and system access reporting.

  • Use SSH Certificate Authentication. Seamlessly replace SSH keys with SSH ephemeral certificates and follow the best practices of the largest tech companies in the world.

  • Access the server or container you need 10x faster. Stop searching for IP addresses or container hashes, Cased has the ability to automatically find and register hosts on cloud providers like AWS.

Collaborate with your teammates in real-time

Siloed DevOps work is now in the open. Cased allows users to share their terminal sessions with other members of their team, record their sessions, and to monitor all of the live terminal sessions in the organization - helping bring visibility and an extra set of eyes to sensitive operations.


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