Web Browser Capabilities
Learn about Cased Shell's web browser capabilities.


One of the many advantages a user will get using Cased Shell over a normal production shell are the features of a web browser. These elements will save you time and headaches by making your daily production workflows easier and more efficient.

URL Recognition

One of the many features Cased Shell provides is URL recognition. Cased auto-detects links and lets users click directly on them for it to open up in a new tab on their browser. No more copying and pasting, no more switching from your terminal to your web browser - one click gets the job done.
URL Recognition

Drag & Drop

Uploading files to your current PATH has never been easier. With our drag and drop feature, developers can simply drag files into the shell for files that need to be used.
Drag and Drop

Search Function

No more scrolling up through your terminal trying to find the right command or output you forgot to note down earlier. Trying to find the information you need in Cased Shell is a breeze.
Our built-in search functions exactly like it does on a browser: it highlights the current selection, it can go to the next/previous record, and it also allows you to hide/show the search field for less clutter on your screen.
Search function