Security Design
Learn how Cased Shell keeps your data safe and secure.


Cased Shell is designed to provide secure access to SSH endpoints using the power of modern web technologies and identity management platforms. Here’s how we keep your connections, data, and servers secure.

Cased Shell runs in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

By running as a container in your VPC, Cased Shell enables secure access to your servers from employees working anywhere without exposing their ports or IP addresses to the public internet. All traffic between Cased Shell and your servers stays inside your VPC.

Cased Shell authenticates all incoming requests using your organization’s IdP platform

All connections to Cased Shell are authenticated using your organization’s identity platform, ensuring that only members of your organization have access to your servers.

Cased Shell communicates with our API using encrypted HTTPS connections and authenticates using a signed JWT

To securely obtain configuration information necessary to function, Cased Shell communicates with Cased’s API servers over encrypted HTTPS connections authenticated by a cryptographically signed token. This token can be rolled out by an admin of your organization at any time you deem it necessary.

Cased Shell generates ephemeral security credentials for each connection to your servers

When using Cased Shell’s Certificate Authentication feature, fresh credentials valid for a short period of time are generated for each connection. Each credential is cryptographically signed by Cased.
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