Live SSH session sharing

Learn about the capabilities of live session sharing and how you can take advantage of it.


Live SSH session sharing with Cased
Cased Shell allows you to share your web shell sessions so other developers can follow along in real-time. Live SSH session sharing can be used for knowledge sharing, debugging, onboarding, code review, general visibility and more. To get started, all you need to do is have your teammate go to the activity tab on the dashboard and pick the session they want to follow. From there, the viewer will be able to follow along with you in real-time. Additionally, Cased Shell sharing supports interactive terminals such as Vim.

How it works

Behind the scenes, Cased Shell enables users the ability to live share their web shell sessions through WebSocket.
WebSocket provides a bidirectional, full-duplex communications channel that operates over HTTP through a single TCP/IP socket connection. The WebSocket protocol facilitates messaging between a client and a server. It is a stateful protocol, meaning the connection between the client and server will be kept alive until it is terminated by either party.