How to use snippets to speed up your production work in Cased Shell.


Cased Shell allows developers to share and save common shell snippets within their team.
To use this snippet functionality, just type '/ ' within Cased Shell and you are able to search through your list of available snippets right at your prompt.
You can even use variables for all sorts of tasks. For example, here's an easy way to create a Git branch on a remote server:

Creating snippets

The structure for creating a snippet for Cased Shell is a basic YAML file. For instance, let's take a look at how we defined a snippet for creating a Git branch on a remote server.
All that is required is a name, the command, the necessary arguments, and the category.

Connecting GitHub repo to Cased Shell

Snippets need to be stored in a Github repository.
In "Settings" under the "General" tab, in the "Connections" section, you can "Create a Github App" via your organization and use that to connect to the repo. As soon as the GitHub app is created, your snippets will be ready to use in your shell.