Cased Documentation


How to use snippets to speed up your production work in Cased Shell.


Cased Shell allows developers to share and save common shell snippets within their team.
To use this snippet functionality, just type '/ ' within Cased Shell and you are able to search through your list of available snippets right at your prompt.
Search through your snippets easily.
You can even use variables for all sorts of tasks. For example, here's an easy way to list program IDs:
Using snippets with variables.

Creating snippets

In order to add more snippets to the drop down list, a user must type the line of code they want to save. From there, a user can hover their mouse on the right side of the code they wrote and will find three dots that appear. Click the dots, and an option will appear to "Save to snippets".
Saving snippets in Cased.
You will now be able to name the snippet however you like for quick access in the future.
Naming snippets in Cased.