Per-command approvals

Ideal workflow and best practices to get the most out of Cased Shell's per-command approvals.
With in-line approvals, maintaining oversight into your production systems has never been easier than before. Engineers and admins will be able to do everything within the terminal.
The workflow for per-command approvals doesn't change your development workflow at all. You run your programs as normal. For example, let's look at a normal terraform workflow using terraform plan.
With approvals, users who try and run terraform plan will be met with a prompt requiring a reason to run the command and approval. After entering a reason, a message will be sent to the configured Slack room with your request.
The request can be approved or denied. If it's approved, the operation will continue as normal. If denied, the operation will stop.

Cancelling a request

While waiting for approval, you can easily cancel a request using an ordinary command-line exit signal. Just Control-C, and the client will automatically cancel your request. The Slack message will be updated as well.