Configure your first approval

Learn how to easily set up in-line approvals for your favorite CLI tools.

1. Go to the Approvals tab in Settings

2. Create your program

Select the "New" button in the "Program Approvals" section.
From there, just choose which CLI application you would like to add, provide a description, and click on "Create Cased Approval Flows".
P.S. If you already have your CLI application created, you will not need to do this step. You simply just need to configure your approval settings which can be found in step 3.

3. Configure Approval Settings

To enable in-line per-command approvals, you will need to select the "Approvals required" box.
You will be able to configure additional settings such as setting up peer approvals in Slack, and advanced approvals settings and privileges.
Advanced approvals settings include - allowing automatic approval while an engineer is on-call, certain commands being auto-approved, session duration and more.
And that's all there is to it. After turning on approvals, you will be able to run your favorite CLI tools like normal with additional visibility and security; all within Cased Shell.