Managing API Keys
This is an overview of how to manage user access to Cased.

Each Cased Audit Trail comes with two types of API keys, a publish API key and a "read" API key. Admins can access all API keys under Settings > API Keys:
Test and live mode
Cased provides a test and a live mode. API keys, like Audit Trails, are associated with a specific mode. You'll want to make sure you toggle to the appropriate mode in the main navigation when viewing and managing API keys. API keys will include test or live depending on the mode they're associated with.

In the event you need to generate a new API key, click Roll API Key on API keys settings page:
You will be asked to enter:
  • A reason: The reason for generating a new key will be recorded in the system audit trail.
  • An expiration date for the current key: This gives you time to swap out the key in existing code if necessary. You can always select immediately if you don't want an expiration date.
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