Cased enables your engineering team by removing your blockers so you can focus on creating product.
Cased is a modern engineering enablement platform:
  • Open a production shell from a browser
  • Collaborate in shared sessions
  • Brings the confidence of code review to any production command––without the hassle of SSH keys and shared passwords
The Dashboard allows you to jump directly into your most used prompts

Work confidently with Cased

  • Provision access using your company's SAML provider. Simplify access management by linking Cased Shell usage to a real identity provider and stop wondering who’s really running commands as root.
  • Enable peer approval workflows production access and sensitive actions. Add code review like checks to sensitive operations to catch mistakes ahead of time and to understand why sensitive data is being accessed.
  • Record, share, or monitor live sessions to help with troubleshooting. See what commands were run and by whom to help with troubleshooting and system access reporting.
  • Use SSH Certificate Authentication. Seamlessly replace SSH keys with SSH ephemeral certificates and follow the best practices of the largest tech companies in the world.
  • Access the server or container you need 10x faster. Stop searching for IP addresses or container hashes, Cased has the ability to automatically find and register hosts on cloud providers like AWS.
  • Ensure your compliant with audit trails and activity logs. Keep track of what has happened in productin with audit trails for each session and a recording of what happened and why.
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