Working with the client on the Command Line
Best practices for CLI usage.


Once you've configured the Cased client, and synced the client with the server, you can now run your programs as normal. For example, if you're running terraform, just type terraform plan as you always would. cased has already shimmed the program, and is guarding it. Let's go through the workflow, using terraform plan for our example.
Since terraform is guarded, the client will make a request to Cased servers to check if a reason is required for access. In this case, it is, so the user is prompted. (If a reason is not required, Guard will simply move to the next step below. We'll enter a reason:
Once we enter a reason, a message will be sent to the configured Slack room, with your request:
The request can then be approved or denied. If it's approved, the operation (in this case, terraform plan) will continue as normal. If denied, the operation will stop.

Cancelling a request

While waiting for approval, you can easily cancel a request using an ordinary command-line exit signal. Just Control-C, and the client will automatically cancel your request. The Slack message will be updated as well.
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Cancelling a request