Bring visibility and approval workflows to the command line tools that run your business.
Cased CLI adds a layer of visibility to the command line tools you use most—like mysql, psql, curl, terraform, or the Rails console— by logging access to sensitive data and adding peer approvals in Slack.
Cased works via a client, called cased, along with light-weight shims (installed by cased) that wrap any of your tools, plus an interface to Cased CLI is a light-weight, easy-to-use way to add security and visibility to your engineering tools. Users keep using command line tools the same way they always do—while Cased CLI works transparently to handle logging and peer approvals.
The key part of Cased CLI is its approval process: when users of Cased run a command-line application, like the mysql shell, their request to use that tool will have to be approved by another person (or by a self-approval, if configured). If configured, users will need to input a reason for this request. Additionally, all access, and access requests, will be logged to a Cased audit trail, giving you visibility and alerting.
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