15 minute quick start
A five-step guide for getting Cased CLI up and running at your company in 15 minutes.

1. Create your account

Sign up here – Cased supports Single-Sign-On (e.g. Okta, GSuite) and email authentication. SAML can be configured in settings after first user account is created.

2. Configure your program

Choose a command line tool that you use a lot. Cased can work with any command line tool but it's best to start with a tool that is used by your team a lot (e.g. psql, terraform, curl).
Configure approval settings. Navigate to the program's settings page and decide what operations should require approvals, who can approve those operations, and whether operations should be auto approved when someone is on call.

3. Install client

The Cased client is open source and can be installed on both local development machines and remote servers. The following guides are a helpful reference:

4. Invite team members

Users can be invited to Cased from this page –– note that if SAML or GSuite are used as identity providers then users can go direct to the signup page.
It can also be helpful to post a message like the following to a team chat channel:
Hey everyone,
We're using to add approval workflows to some of our command line tools––think of it as bringing the confidence of code reviews to sensitive operations on the command line.
The next time you run some commands, you may be prompted to provide a reason for running that command and a peer approval request may be sent.
Please let me know if you have any questions,

5. Live

That's it, the configured command line tool will now be integrated with Cased and approval flows will be active.